Dr. Ingeborg Dziedzic, MD, PC


 Ingeborg Dziedzic, M.D., has experience in providing the best medical and surgical care for her patients.  She started as an ophthalmologist and found that to take care of eyes required ever increasing knowledge of medicine and nutrition.  She then redefined her practice:  


1. Seeing as clearly and freely as possible

2. Liking what you see in the mirror

3. Staying healthy to enjoy the above. 


    Dr. Dziedzic received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She then interned at Medical College of Pennsylvania, and did her Ophthalmology residency at Montefiore Hospital Medical Center in the Bronx, NY.  She currently studies with Antiaging Academy of  Medicine.  The unifying goal of her three prong approach is happy longevity through preservation of youthful function and performance.  Dr. Dziedzic cares for the ocular health of young and old alike.  However, she is particularly well-versed in treating the ocular health of patients inflicted with Lyme Disease.  To set up a consultation, feel free to contact the office.

Dr. Shahin Eghanian, MS, OD

Selected as a Top Optometrist in Pleasantville, NY by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals for 2014-2015.

Dr. Eghanian has graduated from SUNY College of Optometry. With a Masters degree in Applied Molecular Biology, he brings a solid scientific knowledge to the day-to-day patient care in clinic. His clinical objectives include:


  1. Keeping clinical knowledge up-to-date by attending seminars, research and reading all leading journals regularly.
  2. Making sure the office staff and technicians perform at par with the same level as the doctors in terms of skills and professionalism.

  3.  Providing all patients with a personalized and optimized care according to their life style and professional demands.

  4. Making sure the co-management with Dr. Dziedzic has a synergistic enhancing effect on improving our patient care.

  5. Focusing on prevention as well as treatment.

  6.  Caring for each patient like a family member.

Why Us?

We are not the typical "eye doctor."  Since Dr. Dziedzic is so well versed in general well being and natural therapies, you will receive the best and most thorough insight into your entire health condition in just one visit.  Call and schedule today!